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November 30, 2011


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Ah, I gave up the Bataan Death March of holiday knitting years ago; too many years of getting to January with all my knitting mojo gone. My rule is that if you aren't on the holiday knitting list by May, you aren't getting on that year...

Now, I will admit that despite all that I have somehow managed to set myself two knitting goals to be completed by December 15. But they're for me, so if they aren't done, no one is disappointed.


I like your May rule.

For me I'm not sure that would work because I have outstretched hands wanting socks all year long. In fact last year the request was for 6 pairs of socks by one dear nonknitter friend. After that, I came up with my own rule and which is, that I will only knit one to two pairs for any gifting.

Good luck with your December 15th deadline :-)

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